Bridged Definition

bridge meaning: 1. a structure that is built over a river, road, or railway to allow people and vehicles to cross from one side to the other: 2. something that makes it easier to make a change from one situation to another: 3. the raised part of a ship on which the captain and other officers..

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English[edit]. Pronunciation[edit]. IPA: /bdd/. Verb[edit]. bridged. simple past tense and past participle of bridge. adjective[edit]. bridged (comparative more.

Bridge definition: A bridge is a structure that is built over a railway, river, or road. tense bridges , present participle bridging , past tense, past participle bridged.

a gallery or platform that can be raised or lowered over a stage and is used by technicians, stagehands, etc., for painting scenery (paint bridge), arranging and supporting lights (light bridge), or the like. British. a part of the floor of a stage that can be raised or lowered.

Bridge: When a road needs to extend across a river or valley, a bridge is built to connect the two land masses. Since the average car cannot swim or fly, the bridge makes it possible for automobiles to continue driving from one land mass to another.

bridged definition: Verb 1. simple past tense and past participle of bridgeAdjective (comparative more bridged, superlative most bridged) 2. equipped with a.

bridged meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of bridge 2. to make the difference or division between two things smaller or less severe: 3. to build a bridge.

When a person is bridged, it typically causes on average a 10-20 minute delay. Top definition. You have been bridged Tommy, everyone is laughing at you.

The Difference Between Hubs, Bridges, Switches and Gateways (Backbones) “The committee’s vote represented both sides of the bridge,” Broxon said. “And, we’d already spoken to the city of Gulf.

Definitions for bridged bridged. However, while the finalization of the negotiations appears certainly within reach, there is still some distance, small compared with the long way we have already gone, which needs to be bridged. The reality is that there is a divide between the police and some people in communities that need us most,

Naturally, she got the part. In 2011, Waller-Bridge found herself on set with Meryl Streep while filming The Iron Lady. After.

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